Voice-Over Talent

Karen Stavins Enterprises represents a wide range of voice-over talent. Please contact us for a customized audition, additional talent choices, or with any questions regarding your project.

Terry Abler Commercial
Terry Abler Industrial
Yvonne Ambrose Other
Leslie Andrews Commercial
Carlo Aparo Character
Carlo Aparo Commercial
Karmann Bajuyo Commercial
Patrice Baker Commercial
Pat Beecher Commercial
Sue Berg Industrial
Sue Berg Commercial
Mimi Black Commercial
Mimi Black Industrial
Juan Blasquez Other
Juan Blasquez Other
Morgan Briggs Commercial
Kate Burns Character
Kate Burns Other
Kate Burns Commercial
Kate Burns Industrial
Vic Butera Commercial
Vic Butera Industrial
Maggie Cain Other
Paulette Cary Commercial
Adam Conway Commercial
Lee Crooks Industrial
Lee Crooks Commercial
Miguel de Leon Other
Peter Dean Commercial
Peter Dean Industrial
Kevin DeSanti Industrial
Monica DeSantis Commercial
Elena B Diaz Other
Claudia DiBiccari Other
Ben Dooley Industrial
Ben Dooley Commercial
Elizabeth Dowling Commercial
Heidi Drennan Commercial
Heidi Drennan Industrial
Phil Duncan Commercial
Phil Duncan Industrial
Sim Elwood Industrial
Renee Ertl Commercial
Renee Ertl Industrial
Ron Ferraro Industrial
Ron Ferraro Commercial
Ron Ferraro Character
Mark Forrest Commercial
Val Glowinski Industrial
Val Glowinski Commercial
Marv Goldsher Commercial
Kathy Grippo Commercial
Russell Hackney Commercial
Brent Haines Commercial
Dale Hanson Commercial
Dale Hanson Industrial
Angela Hartzol Commercial
Cynthia Henderson Commercial
Cynthia Henderson Industrial
Dave Hilton Commercial
Dave Hilton Industrial
Blair Holmes Commercial
James Houton Other
Holly Ignatowski Commercial
Holly Ignatowski Character
Holly Ignatowski Industrial
Dennis Jackson Commercial
Mike Jimenez Other
David Joseph Commercial
David Joseph Industrial
Lee Kanne Commercial
Lee Kanne Industrial
Ruth Kaufman Commercial
Ruth Kaufman Industrial
Ruth Kaufman Character
Kiersten Kingsley Commercial
Rob Lamont Commercial
Enza Lappo Commercial
Cyrus Leddy Commercial
Bruce Lorie Industrial
Jean Losquadro Commercial
Jean Losquadro Industrial
Tim Lundeen Commercial
Guy Marsh Commercial
Guy Marsh Industrial
Michael Martin Commercial
David McClain Industrial
Thom McCloud Commercial
Emilie McKendall Industrial
Emilie McKendall Commercial
Deb Miller Character
Deb Miller Commercial
Deb Miller Industrial
Dina Monaco-Boland Commercial
Dina Monaco-Boland Character
Dina Monaco-Boland Industrial
Dina Monaco-Boland Character
Lisa Murray Commercial
Kuchambi Myhand Commercial
Nancy Jane Nelson Commercial
David Newton Commercial
Jonathan Nichols Commercial
Josh Nordmark Commercial
Derek Partridge Industrial
Derek Partridge Commercial
Marty Peterson Commercial
Marty Peterson Industrial
Joyce Porter Commercial
Joyce Porter Industrial
Paula Ramsey Industrial
Paula Ramsey Commercial
Leslie Gray Robbins Industrial
Leslie Gray Robbins Commercial
Debra Rodkin Commercial
Debra Rodkin Industrial
Roshaunda Ross Commercial
Andres Salamanca Other
Spider Saloff Commercial
Cassy Sanders Commercial
Teri Schnaubelt Commercial
Teri Schnaubelt Industrial
Charles Schoenherr Commercial
Jana Schreier Commercial
Adam Schulmerich Commercial
Andrew Shapiro Character
Andrew Shapiro Commercial
Andrew Shapiro Industrial
Duane Sharp Character
Duane Sharp Commercial
Duane Sharp Industrial
Eliza Shin Commercial
Shana Siap Commercial
Elliott Sowards Commercial
Darren Stephens Commercial
Darren Stephens Industrial
Christian Taylor Industrial
Christian Taylor Commercial
Tom Test Commercial
Deb Thogersen Commercial
Deb Thogersen Industrial
Manny Torres Other
Pam Turlow Industrial
Pam Turlow Character
Pam Turlow Commercial
Allyson Voller Commercial
Joette Waters Commercial
Joette Waters Character
Philip Winston Commercial
Michael Wollner Industrial
Michael Wollner Character
Michael Wollner Commercial
Lou Zucaro Commercial